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Final Reflection As i reflect on all my English portfolio pieces I see all a lot of positives and negatives throughout it. My final portfolio consist of a Traditional Essay, Poem, How-To, Public Service Announcement (PSA), and a Visual piece all relating to the theme of my dream career of being a dentist. All of these pieces were written differently and
All of the pieces I did had their ups and downs. However, the traditional argumentative essay was the piece I struggle the most with. Even though I been writing these types of papers since the start of my high school career I still a not absolute expert at writing these papers I thought I would be. In this piece I was not allowed to used first person, I need a introduction, counterclaim,
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I believe I did a very great job on my poem. Nonetheless, there is always room to grow. So in the future I need to add more imagery to allow the reader to feel what I feel, to gain this imagery I think I personal need to read a lot more books. Book gives you a lot of examples of imagery and and even widens your vocabulary, this will really help for when I need more imagery and even plot lines.
My two easiest pieces were of course the visual aid and PSA. I see thing all the time, like when I am driving and see them on billboards or even watching tv and surfing the web. There two types are really hard to escape from and everyday life. I had to be good at writing them in my final portfolio because of that reason. In the PSA I talked about the dangers about not going to the dentist and why so many people are scared of them and it had to be a least two paragraphs and use ethos, logos and pathos. In the visual aid I wrote about the reason I wanted to become a dentist and used three photos and explained all in a paragraph each.
In closing, I enjoyed learning more my dream job of becoming a dentist through there pieces of writing. The traditional essay and how-to I struggled the most on. The poem, PSA, and visual pieces were my most successful writing. Overall I can alway improve my spelling and sentence
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