Final Program Plan For Insufficient Sleep Essay

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Final Program Plan for Insufficient Sleep in Adults
Brandi Davis
DNH 226
Danville Community College


Public Health Problem

Sleep is a very important aspect of daily life. Many people have jobs, school, and family obligations to incorporate into their day. Sometimes sleep gets pushed on the back burner to make room for other activities. Sleep deprivation is a condition describing when a person doesn’t get enough sleep. Although the amount of sleep that people need varies, most people (adults) generally need as much as eight hours of sleep each night to feel well rested and alert throughout the day and evening(Drowsy Driving: Asleep at the Wheel, 2015). According to research by Brown University, Rhode Island, at least 11 percent of students report good sleep. On the other hand, 73 percent of students were found to have sleep problems. At least 30 percent of college women and 18 percent of college men reported that they suffered from (some form of) insomnia over the past 3 months. On an interesting note, another online survey found that many students ‘crash’ on the weekends, sleeping more than 8 hours. 72 percent of students were found to sleep 8 to 9 hours on weekends, while 28 percent sleep more than 10 hours on weekends. A larger study pool found a more accurate look into how college students handle sleep. Conducted by the American College Health Association in 2010, the survey gathered as much as 95,712
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