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Final Project The Broadway Café By CIS500 Business Driven Information Systems Part 1: Porter’s Five-Force Analysis Broadway Cafe’ since its inception in the neighborhood in 1952 has outgrown its place in terms of antiquated ways of doing business. It is in dire need of a face life and an extreme makeover, to say the least. Broadway Cafe is in a unique position to receive its makeover in the City of downtown Conway, and it appears that it will catch up to the 21st century. There is a downtown revitalization project that is in its development stage and the Conway Chamber of Commerce has invited all businesses to attend its monthly meeting to address areas of concerns, needs and/or…show more content…
Since the café is located near the Courthouse district and located on a busy corner lot with only one another Café two blocks away, it has a tremendous competitive advantage. We will utilize the differential advantage strategy in moving forward to offer new services and products to our existing and new customers, which we feel that will be beneficial in making this transition. Part 2 Developing an EBusiness Strategy There is an emerging ebusiness market that Broadway Café has to catch up with and in doing so, it will begin by first creating an assessment and assembling a team of employees, who may have the knowledge (cost saving method) to draft ideas and present for final review. The ebusiness model as defined by Baltzan (2009), indicated that it is an approach to conducting electronic business on the internet. Therefore, by launching an e-business, Broadway Café will have an opportunity to leverage it current assets, its customers. To follow in this opportunity will be the employees, technology infrastructure, and information to gain and maintain market share. Broadway Café will be able to offer customers electronic payments for products or services, employees will have an opportunity to enter a code to identifying signing in and out procedures for time clocks and transactions. Broadway Café customers will no longer have to place orders via the phone;

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