Final Project Creating a Social Program Essay

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The name of the Social program that I have created is a shelter for teenage mothers and abused and battered women, it like a home away from home. The name of the shelter is called Women of Worth. At this shelter we want to make every woman feel and know that they are special and someone is interested in them and want to make sure they don’t stay in the condition that they are in but want them to know there is a way out for them and they can rise again and be the strong independent woman of worth that they are. We provide room and board and three hot meals per day for these women; we even send them to school to learn a skill that will eventually help them in the business world when they get their feet on the ground. One of the…show more content…
The mission goals and objectives of the Women of Worth Shelter is to make sure that in the next five years we will have accomplished what we set out to do to be the best shelter in the community to make sure that we don’t only shelter the women but we have counseling sessions for them to help them heal, we will send the women to school, clothe them, have movie days love and appreciate them and make them feel special like they should and even offer them jobs at the shelter when we feel that they are capable of handling it. Our objective is to take women off the streets and even get referrals from these women about friends that they might know who are living is abusive relationships. We want to make sure that these women live and live a full and enjoyable life. The benefits that we will receive will be to see a smile on the face of a women when she says thank you for saving my life and the benefits that we will offer them will be a safe living environment where hot meals will be provided, nurses will be on call 24 hours, consultation, job placement training and services. The Eligibility requirements is a shelter for battered women whose primary purpose is to provide residential shelter to homeless families with children. Our shelters will be required to keep records of inspections on file which verifies our shelter meets state and local health and safety
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