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Project Part 3 EN3220 Methamphetamines (Meth) cause a wide array of problems with its users, a lot of which are permanent. Meth’s affects range from neurological issues, alertness, paranoia, and aggression. It also leads to psychological and physical disorders. Because Meth is a stimulant, it can cause the user to be up for days and even weeks at a time causing stress to the body and can result in over exerting oneself and inevitably something will give. Personal problems from users will be talked about, as well as scientific studies on the Meth epidemic. Meth was originally used for medical purposes; it was used to help treat narcolepsy (wanting to sleep), obesity (being overweight), and Attention Deficit…show more content…
More than 26 million people in the United States use meth and most of the users are teenagers. It is also the most destructive drug, killing or seriously injuring over 1.5 million people each year. The battle against this drug is bring in tougher laws so that law enforcement can try and eliminate the use and help save lives. One of the newer laws is that any drug that contains pseudoephedrine has to have a doctor’s prescription, so that it will be harder to get and slow down or stop the manufacturing process of meth. Part of the reason that meth is so bad is that it causes irritability, anxiety, irregular heart rate, an increase in physical activity, and an increase in heart rate. These affects are dangerous on many levels. Due to the impaired state while using meth, when a user is irritable they start to lose patience for others. This is dangerous because users don’t understand the amount of force they use if they were to hit someone, or worse, what the consequence would be if they were to have a deadly weapon. Anxiety is also a big issue with users; they feel that they are invincible and they want something to do. Some users have gone as far as believing they can fly; so they jump off a building or out a window. The irregular heart rate can be deadly if you have any type of minor heart disease. Finally, the increase in physical activity puts others in

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