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Security for Web Applications and Social Networking

Graded Assignments: Project

Project Title
Transforming to an E-Business Model

This project provides you an opportunity to assume a specific role in a business situation. You then apply the competencies gained in this course to develop a solution for a business problem related to an organization’s transformation to an e-business model.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes
You will be able to:
Gain an overall understanding of an e-business transformation capitalizing on the advent of the
Internet technologies and Web applications in a specific business situation.
Summarize your understanding of implementing social networking applications into an e-business
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The senior management is committed to and supportive of this e-business transformation because of the potential of the e-business model to recognize additional revenue streams, reduce costs, and improve customer service.
Project Part 1: Identify E-Business and E-Commerce Web Apps for Planned Transformation
You have been assigned to identify e-business and e-commerce Web applications to support the proposed implementation. To do so, you must:
Research and analyze recent and emerging technologies that may assist in the transformation.
Recognize specific benefits and value to be realized through e-business Web applications.
Select e-business and e-commerce strategies to achieve the identified benefits and value.
Assess risks, threats, and vulnerabilities specific to the strategies chosen.
Explain the business impacts of the risks assessed.
Summarize the importance of security and privacy in relation to the impacts explained.
Develop a report detailing your findings and recommending specific strategies and applications for implementation.

Deliverables and format:
Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document in not more than two pages.
Font: Arial 10 point size
Line Spacing: Double


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Security for Web Applications and Social Networking

Graded Assignments: Project

Project Part 2: Identify Social Networking Apps for Planned Transformation
As covered throughout the unit, social

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