Final: Project Management and Information

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Case Study Final

Chapter 1 Business 2.0: Bad Business Decisions Case Study 1
1. Explain why understanding information technology and management information systems can help you achieve business success-or more importantly, help you avoid business disasters-regardless of your major?
Understanding Information technology and management information systems are vital for the success or more importantly, help you avoid business disasters because information technology is most useful when it leverages the talent of people. The right people have to know how to use the information technology in order for it to be successful. Also to prevent the happenings an individual must also understand Management
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The other ways that Internet can be used is to spread the word of items. The Internet can make webcams a necessity in business. The business might use the Internet to watch employees at work or parents watch their kids at daycare. As far as spreading the word, the Internet can make or break a business with Facebook or reviews. So it is easy for a business to succeed or fail depending on the reviews of customers. I think it would be interesting for a manager to have a chance to rebuttal.
Chapter 4 Executive Dilemmas in the Information Age Case 3
1. Explain why understanding technology, especially in the areas of security and ethics, is important for a CEO. How do a CEO’s actions affect the organizational culture?
It is extremely important for a CEO to understand security and ethics so the CEO will not comprise his status in the company and be an example to his employees. If a CEO is caught doing things that he shouldn’t it can comprise the company employees. If the employees view that the CEO is doing negative things then they will also be unethical. Therefore the CEO has to be an example for the rest of the company.
2. Identify why executives in non-technological industries need to worry about technology and its potential business ramifications.
Executives need to worry about technology because as aforementioned everything that is in a computer can be looked up. Therefore an executive must remember that the technology is not his

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