Final Project Milestone 3 : Local Waste Stream Research?

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Final Project Milestone Three: Local Waste Stream Research . Individuals dealing with medical waste stream management in my immediate area concur that incineration of medical and biomedical waste is the safest, most expedient and economically feasible method. While visionary discretion should be mandated at the most primary level, the vision must take into account immediate applicable processes then progressing to academic scrutiny of national and global applications based on organized research. A review of literature was conducted on existing scholarly articles, in order to ascertain the relevance of approaches to provide a sound perspective of the necessary considerations in developing a management system that can be adjusted and…show more content…
. All of the hospital facilities and clinics in the area have localized independently standing incineration facilities on their premises, or are under mandatory regulations to properly sort and store Medical Waste until their chemical release into the atmosphere though the process of incineration. According to Glasser, Chang and Hickman, (1991), a government sponsored series of emissions analyses took place at eight predetermined Biomedical Waste Incineration Facilities in the state of California. The research analysis indicated a statistically significant release of certain potentially toxic metal compounds, polychlorinated dioxins and , furin oncogenes which even combusted will remain potentially toxic due to bioaccumulation occurring faster than decay and their simultaneous accumulation in the smoke stacks of the main incineration areas. The accumulations were less alarming than the indications of bioaccumulation at certain points of the incineration mechanisms, This study and all subsequent studies can prove to be invaluable in the process of refining the current state of Medical Waste Incineration and serves as a reminder to current operating medical facilities that with an upsurge in medical diagnosis and treatment comes the need for constant testing and evaluations of any potential toxins that can be created in the incineration process, and how to combat these instances. Due to a significant result of Cr+6 emissions, (Glasser, Chang and
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