Final Project Milestone Two : Moonlight Meadery

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Final Project Milestone Two: Moonlight Meadery
Moonlight Meadery, LLC (the Company), a winery located in Londonderry, New Hampshire, manufactures mead from distilled honey. Michael Fairbrother founded Moonlight Meadery in 1995. Fairbrother started the company “…with a mission to bring ultra-premium meads to the market” (Moonlight Meadery, 2014. para. 2). Mead is a honey-based wine, and it is one the oldest known fermented beverages (National Honey Board, n.d.). Brewers create mead by fermenting honey, water, and yeast with various fruits and spices. The Company currently ships to 32 distributors within the United States, and it exports to a distributor, Calibre Craft Beer Trading Co., in Australia.
Recent intentions to expand operations globally spurred interest in Ireland for its economic, taxation, and cultural potentials. Ireland is home to many U.S. corporations and subsidiaries, including Intel, Boston Scientific, Dell, Pfizer, and Facebook (IDA Ireland, 2011). Collectively, U.S. multinationals in Ireland employ over 115,000 people in over 700 firms within the country (American Chamber of Commerce, n.d.). Additionally, Ireland’s corporate tax rate is 12.5%, which remains one of the lowest in the European Union (EU) and that will prove beneficial in support of the Company’s net income after taxes. There are beneficial cultural potentials associated with mead, which “…derives much of its appeal through Irish folklore, which is legendary of this mystical drink with strong…

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