Final Project One. The Specialized Online Retail Store,

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Final Project One
The specialized online retail store, Zappos, was established over eighteen years ago. The founder, Nick Swinmurn, created after he spent an unsuccessful day shopping for shoes both in store and online. Nick’s irritation and annoyance of his shopping experience prompted him to focus on creating an online shoe store that offered a large selection of shoes, as well as providing great customer service. Since launching, the company has seen enormous progression including a union with another online leader, Amazon (About Zappos, n.d.).
At Zappos, the company’s success is based a culture in which the employees are valued. Although the culture is unique, the group at Zappos enjoys the creative and sometimes
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In turn, he has built a team that understands the culture and values within the company, as well as adapting this as part of their personal lifestyle (Gallucci, 2011).
In spite of managers playing a vital role in the success of a company, when it comes to executing the management strategic plan, Zappos implemented a tactic called Holacracy. This system of management has an even allocation of authority and allows employees to be their own leader. . This self-organized company evenly distributes decision-making, responsibility, and leadership throughout the organization. The system has empowered employees to be in charge of their own goals and ability to solve their own problems. In order to adapt to this change, the employees attended holacracy training before entering into this new model. The previous mangers learned skills to transform from leading their teams to leading by example (Bunch, 2014).
Holacracy stimulates empowerment in the employees, resulting in pride and accountability in their work. Additionally, this method promotes thoughts of innovation in employees as well as increased problem solving. In theory, this unique approach in management assists Zappos in achieving their overall mission and goals because each person is equally invested in the success of the company. Clearly, the success of Zappos is due to the strategic alignment of the management styles, employees, and the companies’ mission and vison (Gosfield, 2015).
In the new structure,
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