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Research Study #1 (Identify Researchers & Year of Publication): Title: The calming effect of a maternal breast milk odor on the human born infant. Researcher: Shota Nishitani et al., Year of Publication: 2009 Description of Research Study (Methods & Results): In this study the researchers tested the pain responses in newborns who are experiencing heel sticks. They split forty-eight newborns into four categories, each with a different type if milk odor origination. The four groups were: own mother’s breast milk odor, another mother’s breast milk odor, formula milk odor, and a control group (Nishitani, 2009). Different reactions were recorded in the duration of the heel sticks such as crying out, grimacing, and motor activities. Another…show more content…
When the assistants arrived or when noises suggesting their arrival were heard the dog produced the same results. He recognized this as a learned behavior and began to focus on that (Pavlov, 1890s). Four things are used to achieve classical conditioning. Those are: an unconditioned stimulus, unconditioned response, conditioned stimulus, and conditioned response. Once the organism connects these four pieces then classical conditioning has been accomplished (Pavlov, 1980s). How has this study helped you to better understand why people behave and think the way they do? Classical conditioning has showed me that some behaviors can be taught on a subconscious level without the organism even knowing. We are probably conditioned to many things that we are not even aware of. This is a powerful thing that shows how much we do not know about the brain and its processes. This study also helped me understand that some behaviors that are learned can be very hard to break or change. I think after learning about this concept I have found a new patience for people I come into contact with that have a behavior that I am not familiar to. Since Pavlov’s time there has been many new findings and developments made to this topic. Every day we learn more and more about the mind and how it controls us in different ways. Research Study #4 (Identify Researchers & Year of Publication): Title: Cross-cultural research on motor development

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