Final Project- Pharmacology Essay

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HS140 Week 9 Final Project
Please answer the following case study questions using the knowledge gained in this course. Remember to cite your references in APA format. Answer the questions in complete sentences and spell-check your Assignment. Each question is worth 4 points.
Case 1
A patient calls the physician’s office because she is concerned that her prescription medication looks different from what she normally takes. She mentions that her co-pay was lower too.
1. What are some initial questions you should ask the patient to gather information the physician might need? I would ask the patient what is the name of the drug on her medication bottle and what she was taking them for. I would also ask what color, shape, size
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The patient is allergic to Penicillin; this antibiotic is part of the penicillin family. This is drug is not to be taken if allergic to any penicillin antibiotic.

2. The patient is also given another medication to help with the itching of seasonal allergies. The instructions are to take ½ of a tablet before breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 10 days. How many scored tablets should the patient expect to receive? ½ tab * 3 daily doses = 1 ½ tablets 1 ½ or 1.5 tablets * 10 day supply = 15 tablets. The patient should expect 15 tablets for a 10 day supply.

3. For the sinus pain, the patient is told to take the following medication: acetaminophen 325 milligrams, one to two tablets taken every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain. How should this be charted using correct abbreviations? APAP 325mg, i – ii PO q4-6h prn pain

4. The patient has been taking Sudafed and wants to know if he should continue to take it. What is your response? No, the patient should not continue taking Sudafed and should eliminate it immediately. The patient has been prescribed APAP for pain and another for allergies. Sudafed is not recommended to be taken if patient has any heart related health problems.
Case 3
An elderly patient is complaining of a bad cough at her yearly physical. She has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and regularly takes prescription pain medication for her arthritis.
1. She is prescribed: Micronase 5 mg; i tab qam 30 min ac breakfast
Explain how she should

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