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Final Project Plan Paper
In the Telecommunications industry, balancing assets and profitability is especially important in the survival of a given company. This is due to the fact that consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and understand the technical aspects much better now than in the past. Customers are always looking for new technological solutions and more bandwidth as their applications are becoming more sophisticated. Small Telecommunications companies, in an attempt to keep up with the technological changes, are moving too fast and often do not properly track their costs. In addition to the technical challenges, new regulatory changes are making hard for CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) to compete
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The main objective of this project is to determine whether the company is profitable in a given market with the deployed assets, reduce cost, and increase the overall margin by at least 10%. This project will be managed in two distinct phases:
„© Profitability analysis: This study process is simple but required the participation of all departments. Network Planning, Engineering, Filed Operations, Sales, Finance and marketing all have to be part of the study. Business practices and daily processes must be reviewed and reevaluated. The profitability analysis study includes a review of the actual costs of maintaining network presence in a given market, the current revenue, future forecast, equipment decommissioning and displacement costs.
„© Decommission implementation (if necessary): This phase would require participation from the implementation organizations in addition to Network Planning, Customer Service, Engineering, and other implementation organizations.
Measurable success: The success of this project will be defined by three important measurable aspects. All the deadlines and scheduled deliverables must be met. Any length of time spent with the current cost and revenue structures in place mean lack of profitability for that much longer. The project manager will track these deliverables and the associated dates. As part of the project team, all members must be responsible enough to ensure timely delivery

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