Final Project Research On The Dominican Republic

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Group 4:Valerie Aquino, Nayla Pierre, Pamela Rodriguez, Bridgette Feliz LAT 131 Prof. Juan Carlos Polanco Final Project Research Paper Due: 12/11/2015 On September 23 of 2013, half a million of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic woke up to the unfortunate ruling made by the country’s Central Electoral Board. The ruling TC-168-13 called for the denationalization of Dominican born civilians if at least one of their parents are not a citizen of the nation. Because the highest population of immigrants living in the Dominican Republic are Haitians, this decision is hurting them the most. Now, these people are not able to attain governmental or legal papers, making daily transactions difficult to fulfill, receive medical attention,…show more content…
Because of the ongoing wars happening back in Europe, Spain ends up exchanging their part of the island to France for peace stated by the Treaty of Basel in 1795. However, France was as well in a constant fight with its western colony in Española which prohibited France complete control over the island. Therefore, in 1804, after the successful Haitian revolution, Haiti managed to gain their independence from France and as well managed to take over the Spanish Dominican side in an effort to free the entire island from slavery. In history, even after Dominican independence in 1844, the border shared between the two nationalities was not held as a big issue until the Era of Trujillo. As the president of the Dominican Republic, Trujillo made sure to make the border a legal issue. His emphasis in strengthening the border become such a governmental concern that in 1937, the lives of more than 20,000 Haitians became instinct by propagated national genocide. During the early years of Española, French settlement became a crucial part of the infrastructure of the island. Multiple treaties were drafted like the Treaty of Ryswick in 1697 and the Treaty of Basel in 1795 because the trade between the French became indispensable to Santo Domingo. This was due to the neglect Spain had over their colony and to survive, Spanish creoles heavily depended on them for trade. Later on, under Haitian rule, the Spanish colony finally experienced stability
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