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Mandy Sanguigni Dr. Merrick Final Project – SPE 207 December 11, 2016 Final Project Serving others is a down deep way of learning more about yourself and helping others to see past themselves. Our Business and Professional Communication class participated in several service projects, which were interesting and exciting to be involved with helping others. As I am studying the major courses of Early Childhood/Special Education, our group project with the “Big Brothers Big Sister” program was very memorable to me. It was wonderful to have fun and participate in various activities with the kids. The environment was caring due to everyone helping each other accomplish different tasks. It was a great feeling to be able to share our time, talents, and hearts with the kids. Over the past few months as we participated with the “Big Brothers Big Sisters” program, we divided into small groups in order to focus on different aspects of the organization during this project. The project included three main groups: social media, public relations and group planning. The first group was responsible for social media around campus. The second group managed public relations, which made flyers and used other media resources to spread the word throughout the campus. The third and final group focused overall group planning with the kids. This included different activities and parties for the children. As a class we were to plan and coordinate two functions that included the Big Brothers Big

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