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The Final Project is worth 105 points. Please download this document to your computer and save it using the naming convention specified in the course syllabus. For the Final Project you will be using the MM207 Student Data Set, the survey codebook, and StatCrunch as necessary. You should enter your answers/responses directly after the question. There is no need to retype the project.

After completing and saving the project, submit your project in the Final Drop Box.

In the course, go to Unit 9 -> Instructor Graded Project -> StatCrunch to access the MM207 Student Data Set. When the page loads you will need to click on Data Set on the left side of the page. You do not need a StatCrunch ID or a password to access the data set; simply
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Be sure to show the data from your sample and the data to support your estimate.

8. Assume that the MM207 Student Data Set is a random sample of all Kaplan students; estimate the proportion of all Kaplan students who are male using a 90% level of confidence.

9. Assume you want to estimate with the proportion of students who commute less than 5 miles to work within 2%, what sample size would you need?

10. A professor at Kaplan University claims that the average age of all Kaplan students is 36 years old. Use a 95% confidence interval to test the professor 's claim. Is the professor 's claim reasonable or not? Explain.

NOTE: Project problems should not be posted to the Discussion threads. Questions on the project problems should be addressed to the instructor by sending an email or by attending office hours.
Would you like a Math Center tutor to review your project?
Students in MM207 may submit their projects to the Math Center for review. Tutors will not grade or correct the project, but they will provide guidance for improvement.
Students should submit assignments early enough to receive feedback and make corrections before the project due date (24 hour turn-around times Monday-Thursday and 48 hour turn-around times on weekends are typical).
Email projects to: Please put “project review” in the subject line of the message. Please email the project using your Kaplan student account as messages sent from outside

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