Final Rationale Analysis

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Final Rationale While taking English 1111 I experienced some of the toughest writing assignments that I have ever done. It was difficult and led to many long nights with a lot sleep lost. I don’t say this in pain misery though, I say this under the idea that I believe in myself more and my writing skills. You have pissed me off a lot but, you have pushed me more than any other teacher and I thank you for it.
The most difficult thing I experienced this semester was the interview analysis. This particular assignment was hard for me because it just didn’t seem like I could put my words to ink, I wrote the paper but it had no meaning. I believe some reasons that I had this problem is because this assignment is from earlier in the semester and
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I enjoyed that I could talk to you like a person and that you understand the struggles that I have in my life. You understand that I have a life and that I just don’t go home and do homework. You know that I have responsibilities in my life. By you having this state of mind, it makes me feel for comfortable with this class and school. I’m glad talking to you isn’t like talking to a robot who just sends out assignment but, doesn’t care about how we get to making this paper. Another thing that I enjoy is the ability to have originality in my work. Every paper that wrote by everyone has a story behind it. You let me express myself and give the ability to spread my wings. You don’t give a strict outline of the paper, you let me be me. In conclusion, I had a great time in this class. I have developed in my writing skills and the confidence I have in my writing abilities; this semester has taught me some key life skills that go past a simple English but skills that will be applied. You have given me the ability to question things around and to not settle for someone else’s answer. I thank you again for being my teacher and mentor. I’m going to miss you as my English
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