Final Reflection :-Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

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Reflection 6 After several weeks of studying low part extremity, I become more acquainted with the hip joints and the femur. Also, by this week, the more information is added to the ankle and foot in me knowledge base. Under no circumstances can people live without any movement in the lower torso. Thus, I believe the exercises occur mostly on people's legs and improper postures will lead to long-term injury in bodies. The level of how serious would those injuries be is difficult for me to define. However, this is an interesting topic relates with my final project and I would like to explore more about this phenomenon during latter's research.

After all the study, I would consider the femur as a important connection between hip joints and
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I was introduced to skiing after came to university, which is new and rare for me, who live in a place that rare snow. When I really went on snow, I carefully protect my ankles, just in case they might twisted. Just like my intuition, the most vulnerable part in this sport is ankle. But besides ankle injuries, the professions are more likely to suffer from ACL injury due to the knee flexions. The problematic reason of this injury is because the imbalance of body when skiers rotate in sky , jump from high hills, and the Landing posture due to personal habit. The dangerous in internal rotation of the knee occurs when an skier tries to landing in an off-balance position, which causes the knee to hyper-flex. Moreover, with the hyperflextion in knee, the quadriceps contraction causes an anterior translation of the tibia, resulting in ACL rupture. As well in landing, the increasing force exert on knee would cause tear in ACL as the tibia is not in a balanced position. Nevertheless, as people developed more equipment for skiing as prevent more athletes getting hurts. The most basic tools is the ski bindings. The design of adjustable binding provided benefits as prevents unintended release on risky terrain and the binding releases the boot from the ski during extreme conditions to prevent the skier from experiencing extremes that could result in horrible
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