Final Reflection: Course Analysis

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Final Reflection When I look back on where I was before this class, and where I am now it’s amazing how much I have improved. On the very first day of this class, I remembered feeling overwhelmed with the list of works to be completed by the end of this semester. Most of these course works are new to me. Things like annotated bibliography, keeping case note, editorial, opinion piece, topic proposal, policy proposal, journal, presentation, lots of reading assignment, and so many critical thinking exercises. Honestly, I was scared at first that I thought I will fail this class or maybe pass with a letter grade that I will not like. That was why I asked the instructor question if she will guide us with all these diverse types of writing at the beginning of this class. She responded that we will do a lot of work and that she will guide us through the entire process. It was a little relieve for me just hearing this reassurance. Having gone through all these types of writing, I feel like I have made so much improve my writing skills. Presently, I am not far from where I wanted to be before this class started. I feel much competent now than before with my research and writing skills. I never knew that I could do all these myself, but now I have…show more content…
Like I told the instructor on Thursday on our presentation assign day that I have never done a presentation on my own let alone presenting it in a power point. But I did it which means that this was my first power point presentation, and I was very impressed with the outcome. I was pushed to go above and beyond my comfort zone, and that is a true meaning of learning. Finally, I will say that I have so much information to take away by the end of this class it was not easy, but it was worth it. Thank you, Ms Morton, for stretching me and preparing me well enough for further
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