Final Reflection On My Personal And Professional Lives

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Final Reflection
While registering for the semester I noticed this course and thought it would be very beneficial for both my personal and professional lives. I felt I was in need of learning new techniques and regimes to reduce stress, increase productivity, and learn to efficiently and effectively relax in order to improve my communication. I mean who wouldn’t want to learn how to relax and receive credit hours at the same time. With that being said I immediately signed up, and for once I was excited opposed to being nervous of the unexpected like I was for previous courses I have taken. Another perk to this class was seeing that Professor Mantel was the instructor. I had taken one of her workshop previously (Humor in Communication), and not only did I learn several beneficial ways to communicate through humor, but the workshop was very interesting and entertaining.
Preparing for Relaxation
A day or two before class I reviewed the syllabus and handouts to see the details of what each day would be like and the specifics of each assignment. After reviewing I was definitely ready for two days of knowledge on learning to become more relaxed and less stressed. Being a wife, mother of two, daughter, sister, friend, relative, full-time student and employee is not an easy task. Many days I’m overwhelmed by my thoughts alone of what needs to be done daily, things such as household chores, homework, extra-curricular activities, church affiliations, and work deadlines. With my very
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