Final Reflection Phase : Reflection Paper

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PRINT AND UPLOAD TO BB Final Reflection Phase: MVV Reflection Paper I learned a lot about myself this semester. I am still searching for who I am and who I want to become but with doing the MVV it allows me to not only think about these things, but also really answer the tough questions and get an answer on paper. Though it may not always be the most positive answer, I have to start from where I am at and try to mold and shape those into who I want to become and be recognized as. I started this course in a negative mind frame. I was holding onto grudges that were pointless and assassinate to survive in the Leadership Minor. It was a waste of my energy because at first it was keeping me from really diving in and enjoying the unknown of the class. I had a hard time speaking my mind in the big circle. I just sat there and listened for the first few weeks and the longer I sat quiet the more steam built up inside me. I felt as if even if I talked and said what was on my mind, it wouldn’t matter and the class would just brush over it like they had every other suggestion good or bad. I learned that I work better under guidelines and rubrics. I need to be able to know the rules and then be able to break outside of the bubble with my creative ideas. I learned that there are a lot of tough subjects in the world that need to talk about, but I feel as if I am too ignorant on any political topic. This relates to the competency manage self. I realize that in the leadership minor
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