Final Report : Analysis Of Chicken Tibia

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Final Report – Analysis of Chicken Tibia in Bending
BME 3505 – A16
Zachary Simpson

Use of readily available tissues in the lab is a great way to gain a better understanding of their functional properties, especially when that knowledge can be translated to the human body. The purpose of this study was to analyze the mechanical properties of a chicken tibia in 3-point bending to learn more about the behavior of bone under such conditions. Furthermore, any results could be compared to literature values for similar chicken bones and human bones to see how the data compare. One chicken tibia was cut from a piece of supermarket poultry and tested in 3-point bending to failure on an Instron 5544 at a rate of 10 mm/minute. Various properties were calculated from the force-displacement data using MATLAB, including the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and Young’s modulus (E). The results were then compared to values for the same properties in chicken and human bone from published literature. Overall, the calculated UTS of the chicken tibia (9.623 MPa) was a higher magnitude than that of a human bone in bending (103 MPa, Caeiro). The Young’s modulus (3.939 GPa) of the tested chicken tibia was on par with the literature Young’s modulus for chicken tibia (10.91 GPa, Massé), while the UTS of the sample was much lower than the UTS of chicken femur (96 MPa, Erickson). These findings confirm that the bending test was carried out well from start to finish, as

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