Final Report : My Favorite Netflix Series Stranger Things?

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As for ideas on what a final project should look like, I wanted to try and make it something that I had never done before while also incorporating my favorite Netflix series Stranger Things. With a partner, I want to put together a pool of ideas and topics to be able to pull from during the podcast. The goal is to make the conversation as casual and realistic as possible, while maintaining a focus on the show and key events that occured. Additionally, to reduce spoilers, keeping the discussion is relation to the first season would be best for those who would listen to the podcast. Moreover, it would be interesting to have one of the two people doing the podcast to be one who believes the rumors or conspiraces going around Hawkins and…show more content…
Through an act of great timing, Eleven uses her telekinetic powers to lift Mike back up over the edge of cliff. Finally, to scare off Troy, Eleven uses her powers to make him urinate on himself (Chapter Six: The Monster). This interaction alone would be enough to gardner Eleven a reputation for having bad intentions if information about this event spread around Hawkins. Additionally, this event could also strength suspicion about the connection between Hawkins Research Laboratory and Eleven. Another piece of the plot in Stranger Things concerns the possible conspiracy that developed as a result of Will’s supposed body that was found in the quarry. While it does seem likely that the body that was found could very well be Will’s especially considering that nothing this bizarre has occurred in Hawkins in quite some time, and as a result, most people in Hawkins, including Will’s older brother Jonathan, have absolutely no reason to even consider that someone could be hiding the truth. Hopper, however, does maintain suspicion about the Research Laboratory, evren going as far to find the body that was dredged up from the quarry and discovering that it was cotton-stuffed. Concerning the Upside-Down, and its connection to Hawkins Lab, viewers come to learn of methods on entering it as well as that the demogorgon may have come from it. Mr. Clarke, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas’ science teacher explains the theory behind how alternate universes can be

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