Final Report Real Time Interactive Group Project

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Final Report Real Time Interactive group project Introduction For this report the process of creating the game Chased by Snakes as a member of Danger Noodle will be discussed. Methodology For this project it was decided by the group to use a flat management structure, and to follow a system akin to free development. This method meant that none of the group was the project manager and instead the thing keeping people on track was their self-motivation to complete the project. To aid with completing the project at the start of the project a list of work was set out from the requirements, and then each member of the group picked the tasks that they could complete for the year. The main reason such a free and unstructured…show more content…
Another problem is that this method requires everyone to have high motivation if they want to complete the project to a high standard and a as the group is small a few unmotivated people can bring the whole project down. The group did have motivation problems during the middle of the project with some group members not producing any work. The motivation could have been reduced if the work been assigned one at a time instead of all at the start allowing people to focus on one thing at a time and seeing the list of work get smaller. A problem with using this flat management with free development is that there are not a lot of examples to follow with many companies using agile. It seems that this flat management is new to the games industry and so the group might make some mistakes that others can learn from in the future who want to use the same structure. There are however some companies that do, valve uses a flat management structure and so does Chucklefish games (Bithell , Sliwinski, & Orlowski , 2016)(18:25-19:00). At Chucklefish the flat management works well as there is a small team of people who are all self-motivated to complete the parts of the game they are working on. As we were working in a
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