Final: Security and Network

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Table of Contents Instructions 3 Honor Pledge 3 ABC Background 4 Question One Answer 5 Question Two Answer 8 Question Three Answer 10 Question Four Answer 11 Question Five Answer 12 Reference Page 14 CSEC 630 Final Exam - 100 points Exam is due by 11:59 PM EDT [Sunday December 02, 2012]. This examination is worth 20 percent of your total grade. There are five questions, and the maximum point values are included with each question. Maximum length answer for each question should be limited to approximately 800 words (2 pages) excluding diagrams,…show more content…
(40 points) A threat is defined as “a potential for violation of security, which exists when there is a circumstance, capability, action, or event that could breach security and cause harm” (Stallings & Brown, 2008, p. 13). In essence a threat is a possible danger that may reveal vulnerabilities. There are many threats associated with online services especially when you add in personal information. The first threat to ABC Healthcare that should be identified is the “continued development and propagation of viruses and worms” In the development phase of the network design program managers has to ensure not only that there will be antivirus software which will be ran continuously (maybe a network scan done daily after hours) but also ensure there are intrusion prevention and intrusion detection systems (IPS/IDS) in place that would identify network intrusions. A simple antivirus software like McAfee is easy to use and will not drastically increase their budget which in my opinion would be the first balanced approach. Although they may have to pay a little more for other services to ensure a proper IPS or IDS many companies (including the Navy, uses SNORT which is an open source product). Another area that will have to be identified deals with both trusted users and untrusted users and that is unauthorized disclosure which in essence is the ability for someone to gain
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