Final Self Reflection: Class Analysis

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Final Self-Reflection This MGMT 660 class is different from my other classes. In most of my marketing and supply chain class, I learned different kinds of business strategy and theories which can only be used in the business field. However, concepts I learned from this class have brought me a lot of benefits not only in business field, but also on various occasions, such as workplace, socializing and even in my family. I think one of my teamwork experience this quarter can be a good example to analysis what I learned in this class. I joined a business policy competition this quarter and in the competition, each team will run a virtual company which includes product innovation, financial control, human resource, marketing management and so…show more content…
For example, when making the price forecast, we marketing people believed that we should stick on our positing statement that is providing well-designed products with affordable price. However, finance people wanted to increase price to gain more profits. This caused the conflicts in our teams and made us hard to make decisions. I used to prefer avoiding problems so I choose to abandon my idea. But after learning how to manage conflict and make group decisions, I realized that conflict happens due to the divisions of opinions. Since four members are from different background, have different experience, values, perspectives, and expectations, legitimate difference of opinions about the group project are natural. Also, conflict will not lead to relationship conflict if its based on the issue not on the person. Then I started to explain my opinions to my members and use evidence to convince them, we all have chances to identify the root problem, create new approaches and achieve consensus. To sum up, concepts I learned in this class has affected me insidiously. I think the best way to review those concepts is using in my real life. Moreover, I realized that group dynamics for teams is not an easy issue, it could be a critical factor of making a team
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