Final Sled Sequence In Cool Running

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In the film Cool Running directed by Jon Turteltaub an important scene in the film was the final sled sequence. This scene was important for three main reasons. Firstly, determination is shown by the team. Secondly, how far the team as come and finally, winning isn't everything. This is shown through the visual and verbal features of camera work, dialogue and background music. This movie is about the story of four Jamaican men on their quest to represent their country at an Olympics and the struggles and hurdles they faced in getting there. Firstly, an important scene in the film was the final sled sequence. This scene was important because it showcased the sheer determination of the Jamaican bobsled team, which is shown through the back ground…show more content…
This scene was important because it showcased how far they have come as a team, which is shown through the tracking shot and reinforced by dialogue. The Jamaican team is about to begin their final race in the Olympics. The team has come a long way from a bunch of failed sprinters and a push cart driver, to a team with a chance of winning an Olympic medal. An example of this is found, when the Jamaican bobsled team start their final race with a really swift push start and is looking promising to go on and win an Olympic medal. There is a tracking shot of the Jamaican bobsled team as they go around the corners of the race. Audience can see the whole track and hard corners, as the team glides around them gracefully. This is reinforced by dialogue, “The way the sled is coming in and out of the corners is very smooth, it's like the driver been sledding for 10 years”. This can be heard from the commentators as the tracking shot of the Jamaican team is shown. The way Turteltaub uses tracking shot is effective because it shows the sheer speed at which they are going. It also shows the audience how in unison the Jamaican team are on the difficult course, compared to their earlier races. Ultimately showing that the team is in strong control of the sled they have. Also the dialogue is effective because the same commentators earlier in the film labeled Jamaican team's performance in their first race as ‘embarrassment for their country and the sport. This shows that even the critics are changing their mind on the team thanks to the slick and smooth driving of the sled. Audience now feel extremely hopefully for the Jamaican team and the prospects of them winning an Olympic medal. The final sled sequence showcases how far the Jamaicans have come as a team, through the use of tracking shot and then reinforced with dialogue. The use of these techniques shows the audience, that the director is trying to
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