Final Strategic Plan Essay

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Final Strategic Plan Janette Cruz HCS 589 Gina Drake September 29, 2014 Final Strategic Plan There is a need to assist VA Hospitals around the nation. There has been a huge backlash from President Obama regarding the operations of the VA Hospitals. There have been several instances where veterans have died while waiting for their appointments at VA Hospitals. Also, public opinion regarding the operations of VA Hospitals and how useful they really are to veterans are being called into question. New programs aimed at assisting VA Hospitals with reducing the wait times of veterans as well as providing additional services would help build up the reputation of VA Hospitals as well as becoming a new source of revenue for hospitals.…show more content…
Both statements make sure that the leadership team, management, and employees know the current, present, and future goals of the organization. Having substantial mission and vision statements will inspire employees to support and promote the organization’s goals. “Strategic direction is a course of action that leads the achievement of the goals of an organization’s strategy” (“WebFinance, Incorporated” 2011, para 3). Marion General Hospital uses the department organizational structure. The CEO/President is at the top of the organizational structure followed by the board of directors. The board of directors is comprised of fourteen individuals from various healthcare backgrounds such as registered nurses and medical doctors. The board of directors is followed by the leadership team who is followed by the administrative directors. The administrative directors are comprised of 27 individuals from the various departments of the organization. The administrative directors are followed by the management team which is followed by the supervisors. The current CEO and President is Paul Usher who has been employed with Marion General Hospital for over 40 years; he is a FACHE, CPA, and FHFMA. The Chief Nursing Officer is Bernadine Wallace who is a registered Nurse. Robyn Powell is the Chief Financial Officer and Edward Keppler is the Chief Medical
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