Final Strategic Plan For Silicon Valley

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Final Strategic Plan Name Institution Final Strategic Plan Executive Summary From extensive research and analysis, Method Company has come up with the final strategic plan that will be used to start the expansion process in conjunction with Ecover. The new chapter of the business will deal with the same products that were being offered previously. However, the business strategy will greatly improve for the better. The company 's vision is to offer better cleaning services for all naturally and cheaply. With the use of new technology, better-trained staff, and availability of cheap raw materials, the organization is looking forward to delivering cheap services without compromising the quality. Notably, the mission is delivering an all rounded quality cleaning services. The business model focuses on minimum cost improvement in the quality of detergents and increment of the customer base. This will be achieved by improving the manufacturing technology and training the employees. The main reason for choosing Silicon Valley as the place where the company will launch the expansion program is the high level of population and the availability of people who are willing to spend more on quality cleaning services. As a matter of fact, the company does not intend to change the monetary value of the products. However, the company is going to seal the loophole by increasing the customer base. The growth of the company, therefore, will be the priority. The strategic

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