Final Strategic Plan and Presentation: Donald's Daycare Center

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Included will be marketing and information technology strategies and tactics. Three methods to monitor and control the strategic plan will be proposed and measures to advance organizational goals financially and operationally will be analyzed. Finally, actions will be recommended to address the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues faced by the organization and how corporate citizenship can be improved.
Donald's Day Care Center provides high-quality childcare and assists the children who attend the daycare center in early development preparing them for elementary school years and in planting firm roots in the world and assisting the efforts of all families.
Donald's Day Care intends to continue to shape and refine its programs and to invest in staff as well as striving to be an accessible positive presence in the community.
The mission of Donald's Daycare Center is to provide a high quality learning experience for young children in an environment that is both safe and nurturing.
Marketing and Information Technology
Donald's Daycare center will utilize information technology in its marketing effort and in its communication processes with parents. Marketing will include the use of social media such as Facebook to…

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