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Tobias Vogel 1. TITLE Assignment 2 – Everest simulation MGMT1001 PAGE: Assignment 2: Everest Report (30%) Name: Tobias Vogel Course: MGMT1001 Tutors Name: Esha Mendieratta Tutorial time: Monday 4-­‐5pm (M16A) Student number: z3377958 Report Focus: To critically analyse my personal and team’s experiences gained during the Everest simulation, whilst concurrently conceptualising the appropriate use of key course concepts; Communication (including disinhibition effect), groups and teams, and…show more content…
In light of the poor results achieved during the first simulation, ‘Snow way’ was forced to reflect upon underlying causes of various issues experienced, which inturn, resulted in a new and improved human relations view to conflict, a change of leadership, the implementation of a voting system, assignment of behaviour maintenance and task roles, the incorporation of a democratic leadership and the implementation of effective communication. This was primarily aided by the norming stage, in which the group was able to revise the experiences gained in Everest one and reconsider our approach to Everest two. Evidently, the restructuring of our roles and methodologies and the face-­‐to-­‐face approach, lead to outstanding results in the second simulation, as the entire team out performed all expectations, ultimately resulting process gain. The performing stage witnessed the newly formed cohesive
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