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2014 Final Take-home Assignment Please read the following hypothetical scenario and the follow the instructions below. Scenario TideeKleen Waste Management Inc. has been regarded as a leader in corporate citizenship within the Canadian commercial waste recycling and disposal sector, with a strong reputation for social and environmental responsibility. The company’s workers are unionized, well-paid, and enjoy a generous health benefits package and defined-benefit pension plan. Unfortunately, TideeKleen has been in a financial and reputational slump of late, and its stock price has been sagging. TideeKleen operates several facilities for sorting and processing solid waste (some of which, such as fluorescent tubes and electronic devices,…show more content…
The company would continue to meet its pension, environmental remediation and other obligations. GSG issued an ultimatum to the TideeKleen board of directors. If the Board does not adopt either of Options A or B, Goode will seek to have the directors replaced by his own nominees at the next Annual General Meeting of shareholders. In the alternative, he might seek to acquire a controlling interest in the company, take it private, and impose option A. Halo Fund, the other major institutional investor, has not made its position known. It is rumoured to be leaning to Option C, but some analysts suspect it might actually be happy with Option A. If Option A goes ahead, Halo would dump its TideeKleen shares and keep NewKlean, since NewKleen would both boost Halo’s returns and pass its sustainability and social responsibility screens with flying colours. You have been retained by the Board of TideeKleen as a business ethics and CSR consultant. You have been hired to advise the firm, from an impartial ethical perspective, on how it should respond to the situation set out above. You are to prepare a report to the Board, which will also be circulated to the shareholders in advance of the AGM. Instructions: Your task as a CSR consultant is to advise the board on what is the most ethical and socially responsible course of action, and to explain, on the basis of ethical criteria, why your recommended course is superior to the alternatives. Omit from your
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