Finally (7) When An Entrée Is Sold Separately It Cannot

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finally; (7) When an entrée is sold separately it cannot have more than four grams of fat for every hundred calories and cannot be more than 450 calories (, 2015). Drinks for schools with students in fifth grade or younger cannot have caffeine and may only consist of water, vegetable or fruit juices that is one hundred percent juice that is either natural or diluted with water. The juice cannot have extra sweeteners and must be 120 calories or less a cup. Milk is also permissible as long as it is low fat or fat free contains 150 calories or less per cup. In grades between 6th -8th the serving sizes go up to ten ounces, but the calorie amount remains the same. In a school were the highest level of students are in 12 grade,…show more content…
However, the crucial support came from the Oregon Senate and the Oregon House. The Bill passed the Senate with a 22-5 majority. These Senators included: Alan Bates, Joanne Verger, Vicki Walker, Jackie Winters, Gary George, Ryan Deckert, Elizabeth Johnson, Richard Devlin, Kate Brown, Avel Gordly and Bernard Westlund. Some of the Senators who were against the Bill were Jeff Kruse, and Larry George (VoteSmart, 2007). The Bill passed the House 46-11. The members of the House of Representatives that voted for the Bill include: Jean Cowan, Victor Gilliam, Chuck Riley, Scott Bruun, Jackie Dingfelder, and Gene Whisnant. The following are some of the members of the House who voted against the bill: Susan Morgan, Kevin Cameron, Vicki Berger, Brian Boquist and Kim Thatcher (VoteSmart, 2007). The organizations behind the passing of the Bill included, the American Diabetes Association, Community Health Partnership, Oregon Dietetics Association, Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Medical Association, Oregon Nurses Association, Stand for Children and Upstream Public Health, among others (Morrisette, 2007). Policy History HB2650 is not the first law that has been passed in regards to concerns for the health of children. In 1946 the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program was started in the United States by the Food and Nutrition Service which is a branch of the USDA because of the low number of men who

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