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Abstracts The first article I read was about retirement. The article reasserted a lot if not all the points we hit on during the semester. It basically covered three different areas of retirement that need to be looked at seriously. The first being social security, which most of us know is looking very dim as far as our generation is concerned. The second was benefit plans offered by employers. And last was the savings that people accumulate until their retirement. The article basically tried to set these three things up as the three legged retirement stool. As one might expect they pointed out that social security and employee benefits are weakening. So in order to keep ourselves propped up we must rely more on our savings to carry…show more content…
There was also a section on dividing property between splitting spouses. All of the material in the article tried to work couples through a peaceful split rather than one filled with greed and deceit. First section I took a look at was the dividing debt section. In this section her first tip was to order a credit report from three different credit reporting agencies. This will help to avoid having your spouse run out and run up huge debts in your name. Now that that's done she says identify the debt and don't let it grow any larger until the divorce is settled. In fact she says to take it a step further, pay off the debts at the time they are identified in order to avoid having to deal with them again at all. Make an agreement to handle an equal share of the debts. This article was very well written and touched on all the factors that I can think of to be considered during the time of a divorce. The best sections were the sections on property settlements, debt sharing, and tax issues. These sections were exceptional in guiding you through step by step on handling these areas of the divorce. The section that was surprisingly weak was the child support section which seems to one of the most troubled areas of divorce. Other than that the article was well written and easily understood. Overall I would say that these articles were all very good and although our class helped me to understand them I probably could have gotten through the

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