Finance Analysis Paper

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Finance Analysis Paper

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is a service from Yahoo that provides financial information in various ways including stock quotes, corporate press releases, financial reports, stock exchange rates as well as popular message boards for discussing a company's forecasts and stock valuations. It holds the title for the top financial news and research website in the United States, with an astounding 23 million visitors in February 2010. It also offers tools for personal finance management. Yahoo! Finance includes similar portals identified to diverse large countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. Yahoo! is one remarkable website that is not only a favorable site for people linked with finance but is fairly easy
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This allows you to examine your portfolio and understand where you stand in terms of performance. You may browse the glossary as you are acknowledging your findings. You can also receive email alerts as well as countless free e-newsletters about the market. This sites stock screener has over 500 ways you further increase your knowledge on industry averages and benchmarks. It also offers over 100 data fields for screening and individual funds over 200. These stock and fund data supplement the screeners, which allow for a more detailed research. The ETF screener covers over 500 ETF’s with over 80 screen specifications including price, performance and risk data. One disappointment you may feel when navigating this website is that the free stock and fund screener is plain and offers limited criteria for screening. Morningstar may lack in finding comparative date for financial ratios. Also, you might not like how the financial statements do not offer line item data as thorough as other websites do. Despite these minor inconveniences, this site offers more benefits than inconveniences and is especially suitable for any interest you may have in finance. For one, there is a free data interpreter that gives more input on how to estimate a stock’s profitability, company size, financial health ratios, dividends and growth. It provides cash flows, income statements, and balance sheet statistics for the last 10 years. It also offers 10 years of
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