Finance Business Strategic Initiative: Walmart's Case Analysis

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Finance Business Strategic Initiative When most people think of Wal Mart, they will often associate it with it being the world's largest discount retailer. While this is true, strategic and financial planning are playing a critical role in the firm's long term success. To fully understand how this is impacting the company requires carefully examining a strategic planning initiative, how it will affect the organization's financial planning, the costs, the impact on sales, the risks and other financial effects. Together, these elements will highlight how the program is impacting the company and its operations. A strategic planning initiative for your organization and identify an initiative discussed in the organization's annual report. A major strategic planning initiative that should be considered for Wal Mart is to more effectively develop their employees. This is because the company has been receiving negative publicity from their abusive practices of staff members. In some cases, this has resulted in rulings against the firm based upon their inability to pay or compensate them properly. While at other times, the employees are taking matters into their own hands and have been striking the company (such as: the incident which occurred on Black Friday in 2012). This is a sign that the firm is ignoring the needs of staff members and has been engaging in unfair practices towards them. (Santos, 2013) ("Store Wars," 2013) One possible strategic initiative they could embrace;

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