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Career Project Essay

Finance was not always my major. I have bounced around, looking for an area of study that peaked my interest. Three years and four majors later, I landed on finance. I started exploring individual jobs, companies and positions within the field that fit my interests. Through researching the various responsibilities, duties, and day-to-day operations of a financial manager, I have discovered that the freedom that accompanies this job in combination with the ability to work for a company that I am passionate about would fulfill my one precious life.

To begin with, I enjoy having an organized schedule and set rules to follow when it comes to activities in my life like work or school. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy spontaneity, but most of the time, I prefer structure. As a result, financial management appeals to me. I am a very analytical person. I evaluate facts and gather information before making decisions. Working as a financial manager requires one to have the ability to work within specific regulations to better the company. It is essential that they focus purely on the facts and numbers when considering options that may affect the company. Furthermore, I am about I’m about
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I know that I am an analytical person with a mix of introverted and extroverted personality traits. I also want work for a company that is located somewhere I would like to live and has plenty of opportunities for me to grow and learn. Finally, I want a job that will provide for a comfortable lifestyle for my future family and myself. For three years, I explored different areas of study and career paths. Finally, I have found a field that excites me. I have found an area that meshes well with my personality and skills and has upward growth. I have found a career I am passionate about. This is what I want to become with my one precious
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