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The Developing Manager Introduction
The efficient management of any organization is the central driver of the constant achievement of the business and it is influenced by both the internal and external factors of the organization. It is vital that the Top Management aims to display successful leadership & management in organisation concurrently and in view of other duties & responsibilities. The Report aims to enhance the understanding regarding leadership & Managerial skills. This report will discuss the practices and management principles, will perform the review regarding potential as prospective manager, display managerial skills in the business &
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The combined Business communication is the vital to achievement at QinetiQ North America. When QinetiQ utilize the news media to advertise their competitive advantage to general public, their aim was to be receiving the favourable response from general public. The combined Business communication in text indicates to the planning process, functioning and assessing unified messages which develops Stakeholder relationship and develops the Brand Recognition (Dyck, 2008). At QinetiQ, the performance of Interpersonal communication move is normally in the type of a combined process team where the members like the scientists, Engineers and other professional of team interrelate with each other in order to distribute superior Quality products & services. Due to the result of QinetiQ, combined Business communication practice, they are rewarded a contract from Defence Department in order to assist their armed robotic vision for unmanned road vehicles.

Organizational Culture and Change:
Changing an organisations culture is not easy and many will attest to the fact that it does not happen overnight. QinetiQ N.A. strategic plan was to send a clear message to the public by utilizing the media to show that they are making changes in the company to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors; by changing the leadership at the top. This was accomplished when a new senior vice president

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