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HELP University College Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting Department of Business Studies INTERNAL SUBJECT OUTLINE Semester 3, 2011 FIN304 Global Financial Management Subject Lecturer / Tutor Mr. Mohd Jamil Jelani Telephone Fax Room Email 603-20961511 603-20957063 12, KPD Block B, Level 2 Class Contact Please refer to timetable Consultation Please call or email for appointment FIN304 Global Financial Management – Semester 3, 2011 SUBJECT DETAILS TEACHING STAFF Mr. Mohd Jamil Jelani is a Senior lecturer in banking and finance. He holds a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) and MBA in Applied Finance and Investment from National University of Malaysia; he is also a Chartered…show more content…
 Critical and evaluative skills relating to: o the role of corporate finance and treasury functions within profit-seeking organisations engaged in international transactions; o the role of international capital markets; o government of the international financial system; o key issues (including ethical considerations) associated with international investment and financing decisions; o ways in which accounting and finance practices are implicated in social and organisational functioning; and o The nature of corporate finance theory and resource in an international context. Students should understand that critical and evaluative skills can only be developed to the required level through extensive study of, and reflection on, relevant literature. To assist students in this aspect of their studies, a set of readings has been incorporated into the study material for this subject. The readings cover the majority of the principal topics and students are urged to make the most of this resource.  Communication skills in terms of written presentation. TEXTBOOK  Students are required to have access to the following textbook: o Eiteman, Stonehill and Moffett. (2010). Multinational Business Finance.

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