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Assignment 1: Financial Research Report Anthony Wilkins Fin 534 August 30, 2015 Introduction Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the most important automaker that has been operational since 1973, based in Japan. The company has gone global and their operations are massive such that it trades in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company started as a department of the human resources that used to employ 317,734, before it become the biggest automobile due to the huge production that it used to make from the huge labour. It was until the operations were now very stable that the automaker became globally known and being the largest conglomerate in the world. Toyota was able to attain a high number of customers who were…show more content…
It is good for the investor to partake in dividends and this is very important as the returns on investment have been on the rise for the company and the investor will gain much in return. A conservative risk taker will be sure to gain money from his investment over a long period of time; since, taking conservative risk is the same as taking a bond that will bear fruits after along given period of time. Bonds are very useful as they avoid the penny stock markets together with the stock exchange, which results in huge losses as well as high returns on the company’s investments, thus the ability to take low risks that they are certain about. Toyota Motor Corporation has a stock which is not for investors who want returns as soon as possible, but it assures its investors that they will gain good returns at the very end (Furman, 2005). The reason as to why this company does not trade in high volumes is due to the fact that the trading volumes do not in any way shore the active dealings and even its share prices are very high. This company is very special for an investor who wants to invest in the stock market reason being that the risk taken is low and when the investment returns pays off he will be afraid of no more risks ahead. Toyota Motor Corporation is the best place to invest in because; the yielding stock is very conservative and guarantees a good return to any

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