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.1.INTRODUCTION: This research is an overview that how organization can improve their output by information system planning and implementation? Ethical and professional practices as well as effective risk management, improving the outcomes and monitoring the performance.ERP system gives flexibility, quick response.ERP was introduced in early 1990’s to cope with the requirements of the market. This system is difficult to get in practice as it has many modules and can be modified according to the need of an organization. 1.1Company’s introduction SSGC (Sui Southern Gas company limited) is the Pakistan’s most leading company. Its purpose to provide natural gas to all the regions of the country. Beside transmission construction off all…show more content…
1.7 Research problem: * To find out the factors of implementation of ERP. * To analyze the structure and planning of ERP in Sui Southern Gas Company Limited. 1.8Objective: * To overview the implementation of ERP in Sui Southern Gas Company. * To explain the importance of ERP as best practice in an organization. 1.9Limitations: There are many limitations in our current study due to which our research work got effected. Due to limitation of time(4 months) we do not at this point differentiate between alternative explanations for our findings. Also due to the limited financial resources. 2.Literature Review 2.1Social capital: Social capital :is the way to secure benefits via social networks. These benefits include gaining knowledge about network norms. It also represents the benefits of the benefits of members of human networks and communities. Repetition of interaction between people while they perform routine actions and work and procedure will form and transfer information .Social capital bridges the gap between the people within organization. Social capital; enhances communication, collaboration, knowledge access between the employees of organization. Social capital exploits knowledge and information skills. It is positively much related to post implementation learning. 2.2Post implementation: It is the process in which knowledge is created through experience. Post
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