Finance and Investment Questions

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Finance and Investment Questions Analyze how you, as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a "big box store" that has potential pollution, environmental-disposal, or demolition problems, would handle … Public expectations of our private enterprises are shifting. After a decade of scandal and corporate collapses, the public recognizes the direct connection between positive corporate citizenship and the public good. This is highlighted by a growing push for greater corporate transparency in aspects such as financial reporting and internal reform. As the text by Schlageter (2012) notes, "increasingly, successful CEOs are the ones that realize their commitment to transparency and ethical business practices can provide their organization with a competitive advantage. Corruption is the antithesis of growth, and flourishes where secrecy is allowed." For the big box store in question here, the focus must be on reducing secrecy through greater honesty and thoroughness in financial reporting. In order to quell the internal resistance of those in the leadership core that might prefer secrecy, the company must also develop a comprehensive strategy for rolling out reforms to its environmental issues, presuming these are the central concern here. By addressing prior shortcomings, taking responsibility for them through honest financial reporting and preemptively announcing plans for improvement, a big box firm can weather the short-term storm of public criticism. ==================
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