Financial Accounts of Lawrence Sports: A Simulation

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Lawrence Sports Simulation Lawrence Sports are facing a challenge; they have a single buyer for their goods and deal with two main suppliers. The firm is facing delays in collecting the accounts receivable from the buyer; Mayo, while the payments for the suppliers; Garner Products and Murray Leather Works remain due. The strategy suggested is to readjust the credit terms with Lawrence and the suppliers to reduce the pressure o the cash flow and decrease the requirement for borrowing. The strategy requires the balancing of the different stakeholders needs in order to retain the good business relationships. The strategy of tightening the credit policy is to be accompanied by the use of the balanced scorecard which will help the firm focus on the overall performance and Cash Conversion Cycle The cash conversion cycle measures the time between a firm spending cash and collect cash from the sales. The longer the time period the greater the potential need for working capital to support the firm. Generally, lower cash conversion cycle times are seen as favorable. The cash conversion cycle starts with Lawrence Sports purchasing the inputs for the goods they make from Garner Products and Murray Leather Works. The purchases will be on credit, and payment will be due at a point in the future. The goods are then made and shipped to Mayo, the payments to Garner Products and Murray Leather Works are due before the payments are received from Mayo, with Mayo creating further delays.

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