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Senior Paper
When I was 10, my mom and dad got divorced. For 3 years after that me and my mom had basically nothing. No heat, no food, we were lucky to have a house. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to help people with financial trouble, which is why I enrolled in Business Academy at New Market Skills Center. As I have been studying there, I have picked up a myriad of skills I can use in the real world. I help with multiple blood drives and lead tours around the campus every week. But the most important skill I’ve picked up in my short time at New Market is how to control and budget your money, which I feel is a skill everybody needs, but not everyone has this crucial skill. With that mindset I have decided that I want to pursue a career in
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I have learned self control with my spending and even how to save money to put towards bigger purchases. I enjoy working with numbers and intelligently putting earnings into different ‘categories’, Savings, bills, and luxury spending. I expect to learn about the typical day I would see, and the responsibilities I would have as a Financial Advisor. After I am done with this research, I hope to determine if this career path is right for me.

Education and Training
There are several steps I need to take to become a successful financial advisor. First of all, to become a financial advisor I must find a college that will work with me. My first choice of college would be Centralia College. It is in my home town so I won’t have to drive far and I can even live at home while I’m attending CC. Additionally, CC has recently added a 4 year plan for business in finance and that is the exact course I’d like to take. A financial advisor position requires at least a Bachelor's
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While I was observing there, I got to experience a normal day as a bank teller and got to have a one on one conversation with Robert Hoffman, a financial advisor. The thing that stuck out the most while talking to Mr. Hoffman was how he explained his job, “Most Americans don’t understand finances. Financial planning is much like a GPS, You need to know where you are and where want to be, it’s my job to tell you how to get there”(Hoffman). What he said stuck to me not only because he explained his job so simply but also because he’s passionate about his job and was excited that I’m interested in doing what he does. Also while shadowing, I got the chance to interview a member consultant, Laura Grunenfelder. When I asked about her typical day, she said “A typical day for me is making sure my team has the tools they need to complete their job, making sure we’ve satisfied our customers expectations and keeping the branch safe and secure”(Grunenfelder). When I asked about what technology is used she said “Computers are so important to being a teller. If the system crashes, it slows us down a lot. We also use social media to advertise our branch, we have team members overseeing our social media accounts”(Grunenfelder). With the information I have gathered on my job shadow I am finding myself more drawn to this career than I ever have
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