Financial Aid Office At Central New Mexico Community College ( Cnm )

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Principles of Good Practices
The office I currently work in is the financial aid office at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). CNM is a two-year institution. After reviewing the seven inventories, I have discovered that there is so much outside the financial aid office that takes place to insure student success. A common misconception is that all learning outcomes are the responsibility of faculty. All departments can use these principals across the institution. As stated by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators [NASPA], (n.d.), “They are intended to shape how we think about our responsibilities, communicate our purposes to others, and engage students” (para. 14).
The first strength that the CNM Financial Aid Office has is related to inventory two. As stated by NASPA, (n.d.), “Good practice in student affairs helps develop coherent values and ethical standards” (p.6). As a two-year community college, the standards set by the CNM FAO fall in-line with the federal guidelines, which entail apply ethical standards to their decision. This is important, especially to those decisions that require staff to make professional judgments, such as standard academic policy. This falls in line with one of the seven values “essential to the profession” (Schuh, Jones, & Harper, 2011, p. 82). The value being justice, in which the professional judgment requires the “upholding of moral and legal principles” (Schuh et al., 2011, p.…
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