Financial Analysis : Managing A Business

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Managing a business is a continual process of making various decisions. One of the most important decisions to facilitate accurate decision-making in the business is a financial analysis. The financial analysis of the business is an assessment of the efficiency of the company. It is useful not only for correct interpretation of the figures contained in the financial statements but also to make better use of resources and above all to improve results of operations to meet the needs of the market and the expectations of the owners. The financial analysis should make the decision making easier and ensure effective development companies in the future. The purpose of this work is to explain the essence of financial analysis and reporting as well as their importance in the decision making process affecting the company. Today I will be concentrating on Steiner’s Leisure Limited annual review. My work consists of two parts. In the first chapter I discuss the nature of financial decisions based on a company’s financial information. In the next chapter i will evaluate the financial performance of the business. Before I start the analyse of the Steiner Leisure Limited annual review analyse I would like to take the opportunity to answer two questions, which play a vital role in understanding of the topic i am writing about. The first question is what finance is? The dictionary says finance is “the management of large amounts of money, especially by governments or large…
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