Financial Analysis : Mason Financial Llc

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Mason Financial LLC is a large company that is built on handling of personal data. As the company performs its operations on a network and over the Internet, it is exposed to a plethora of information security risks. Insurance and financial records are a prime target of hackers the world over. As the company stocks volumes and volumes of such personal information, it paves way for hackers and other fraudsters to commit insurance scams. Digital information makes it easier to monetize operations and it is always hard to track. There is the need for all stakeholders handling such sensitive personal information assets to be aware of security implications, monitor their personal credit cards and banking information besides consumers remaining…show more content…
They exploit network design weaknesses such as sending ping requests to death, or establishing computationally heavy tasks such encryption and decryption of the victim. The attacks have become rampant because hackers have availed the attack tools to help adversaries bypass the weak security measures in place. The attacks can be direct or reflector (Kinicki, 2012). Broken Authentication and Session Management Weaknesses in the hypertext protocol (HTTP) authentication and session management cause failure of the system to secure session tokens and other security credentials through their lifecycle. Session timeout and weak authentication mechanism are the vulnerabilities exploited in such attacks. The threat lies in proxy caches (Bass, 2008). Security Misconfiguration Security misconfiguration is possible at any level of the application stack that includes custom code, web server, framework, application server, and the platform. Interior attacks are also possible as existing users try to wreak havoc on the system while trying to hide their actions. They can access insecure directories and files, unused pages, default accounts, and other assets. Recommendations SQL Injection The company can prevent, remediate, or mitigate the attacks. During the establishment of prevention and
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