Financial Analysis Of Hyundai Motors And Ford Motors

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Financial Analysis Management

Hyundai motors and Ford Motors July- 2,2015

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Hyundai Motors 3
Ford motors 4
Objective of Financial ratio analysis 4
Ratio Analysis 5
Comparing Financial Analysis 5
Key Financial Ratio 6
Profitability 6
Net profit ratio 6
Return of equity 7
Basic Earning Ratio 8
Liquidity Ratios 9
Current Ratio 10
Quick ratio 10
Gearing ratios 11
Debt to Equity 11
Investment ratios 12
Earn Per Share (EPR) 12
Price Earning Ratio 13
Conclusion 14
Reference 15


Globalized economy has brought huge competition in the corporate sector. To have better understanding in the company performance, financial analysis tools and techniques are used. Performance evaluation generally considered deriving the financial facts of the company in the area of financial growth, profitability, financial health, debt and turnover of the company within financial year. Which helps to understand and determine the completive market in case of productivity and growth. Ratio analysis is traditional technique to evaluate profitability, financial situation and activities of the organization (Yalsin, Bayrakdaroglu & Kahraman, 2011).
Financial ratios investigation is utilized to assess the execution of an association:…
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