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Sunway Berhad is a Malaysian conglomerate company. It was formed by a merger between Sunway Holdings Berhad and Sunway City Berhad on August 2011. Sunway Holdings Incorporated Berhad mainly develop the Bandar Sunway township in Petaling Jaya and Sunway City Berhad engages in the investment and development of commercial, retail, residential, leisure and healthcare properties in Australia and Asia. Above is the graph that shows Sunway Berhad stock price and it currently is 1.69. When December 15 Sunway make an announcement that notice of shares buy back by a company pursuant to section127 (16) if Company Act 2016, and when this happen Sunway stock has a huge unit that has been traded and this causes the stock price rises 0.1 as the graph shown…show more content…
The Weak-form EMH implies that market efficient, reflecting all market information. And the price reflect all past price and volume data. We’re using weak-form EMH in technical analysis by using the past data and historical data. It could not affect the future rates. Empirical evidence supports the weak-form. A strong body of evidence supports weak-form efficiency in the major U.S. securities markets.
Semi-strong form EMH is reflecting all publicy available information. It assumes stock adjust quickly to absorb new information. It also incorporate weak-form EMH. Stock prices reflect all new available information. And those investors will purchase stock after new information released. But the investor cannot benefit over market by trading on new information. And it is risk-adjusted return. Semi-strong form is mostly supported by empirical evidence. Notion of semi-strong efficiency are strongly supported by the evidence, but occasional studies as those identifying market anomalies including the small-firm effect and the January effect and events like stock market crash of October 19, 1987 are inconsistent with this form of market efficiency. Black suggests that most so-called "anomalies" result from data

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