Financial Analysis Of Tesco Plc

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The main objective of this part 1 assignment is to do analysis of financial statements. This part will focus on the financial analysis based on last three year’s financial statement plus analysis of the company’s place within the industry sector. The chosen company is Tesco Plc., which is a public limited company. Hence, this part of the assignment will give an analysis of financial statement of Tesco Plc. and analysis of Tesco will be done in comparison with the retail industry.

Financial analysis of Tesco Plc.
A financial statement is a document in which the current situation of the user at the end of the fiscal year is known. The financial statements are important because they are serious and official recognition that allow a much organised idea finance documents. They help not only to see the past, but to learn from it to improve the following year. They also allow study of clear and effective way he was saved was spent and more. The financial statements reflect the financial position of the company, financial performance and cash flows of the company, it is significant to note that the correct depiction of the impacts of transactions and other events and circumstances according to the explanations and a criteria identification of assets, liabilities, income and expenses goes in the same outline (Schroeder et al., 2011).

Analysis of income statement
The income statement, also known as profit and loss is a financial report that based on a specified

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